The Latest Indie Royale Bundle Has A Game That Plays Itself

Those who follow us know that we sometimes provide gameplay sessions for game bundles. With the latest Indie Royale deal, however, there’s one that befuddled us during whatever small process we have in selecting games for videos. Admittedly, Zombies on a Plane looks appealing, which is why it was selected in the first place, but playing it proved rather superfluous. In fact, the game doesn’t need anyone to be played at all.

In Zombies on a Plane, the goal is to shake hordes of undead off the aircraft, before they can damage essential machinery used to stay airborne. To do so, it’s possible to steer in any direction; left, right, up or down. It’s simple arcade gameplay, but that’s entertaining enough.

zombies on a plane pc indie gameplay gif

It has some violent and resistive controls, so it’s not the easiest task in the world. Commands can take quite some time to muster up the needed momentum and by then, it might already be too much. This results in pretty much just flailing around one side or the other. Here’s the thing with that: This flailing goes on endlessly, without player input, rendering it useless to even try anything. Zombies are flung off by the turbulent swinging, so as the velocity doesn’t die down, there’s no need to steer in any other direction. Here’s a real time gameplay video explaining just that:

It’s pretty long, since the sessions can last for quite some time, but there’s some side activity to complement the otherwise static action. Seriously though, why even make a game, if it can go on without the player? Even visual novels require their person to click to proceed.


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