Free Villagers and Heroes Drops On Steam April 17 With Huge Expansion

Promising PC game Villagers and Heroes is finally coming to Steam, after its approval through Steam Greenlight in the massive batches of November 2013. This massively multiplayer online (MMO) title will be one of the free-to-play releases, so get ready to spend no money on April 17, 2014.

Villagers and heroes fury of the stone lord pc free mmo rpg steam

For the Steam arrival, the roleplaying game (RPG) will expand on its already huge scope with the addition of the Fury of the Stone Lord content. This adds a new threat, Lord Pyrrus, and an entire army made of rocky gargoyles. Along with the rest of the content, this brings the game at over 100 adventure maps, over 100 spells and a mess of things to do. Check the ominous trailer to get pumped.

Villagers and Heroes caught our eye when it was first approved as one of the best Steam Greenlight titles out of a huge pot. It not only offers a ton of questing, but also varying content like farming, crafting; essentially building an entirely functional village. Did we mention it’s free? It’s free.


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