Hazard Ops Is Like Every Bad B-Movie Rolled In One Crazy Shooter

Ok, Unreal Egine 3 shooters are a dime a dozen, but Hazard Ops may just be that one generic title worth checking out. It just released a gameplay trailer that is completely bonkers.

We were too awestruck to follow every single foe presented in this clip, but we counted zombies, grunts, robots, super robots, mutants, ghosts, dinosaurs with goddamn rocket launchers and exploding dogs.  Do we really need to say anything else beyond that point?

Ok, perhaps some more worthwhile info on this crazy shooter. Hazard Ops is only releasing under that name in Europe for PC, courtesy of publisher Infernum. They’re also responsible for the massively multiplayer online (MMO) Dragon’s Prophet and Brick-Force. In North America, Hazard Ops is already known as Zombies Monsters Robots. It has all three of those things, see?

Hazard Ops dinosaur rocket launcher gameplay gif

Some of the animations in the clip are a little too standard and textures are as well, but it’s so over the top it might just work. It’s almost like it rolled every bad B-movie into one and then lets you shoot it. If Rambo can do that for just one game, this one should be amazing.


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