European Tomodachi Life 3DS Box Is Racist Clip Art

It’s late and stuff is going on, so excuse the attention grabbing title. Still, have we all seen the Tomodachi Life announcement by now? It’s pretty much nightmare fuel turned into a Nintendo 3DS game. Maybe it’s like The Sims, maybe it’s like Animal Crossing, but one thing it is certainly: Weird.

Tomodachi Life Us box art

Anyway, along with all the weirdness announced for Tomodachi Life, each region will also receive their own box art. For once, the North American version goes above and beyond for its own flair. Good on you!

Tomodachi Life EU box art

In Europe, however, we get presented with a lazy paste job. It just looks like splotches of clip art pasted on a box to get it over with. Why is there even a full description on the front of the box? What other game does that?

Anyway, there’s also another difference that I’m now incapable to un-see. As expected, the North American box art tries its best to put on a diversified crowd of all creeds, races and so on. Europe, however, goes for an all-white crowd, because screw diversity. Sure, there’s a shade of white, but it’s still whites only. I mean, the other box still has a large section of white Miis, but at least it damn well tried.

As tinycartridge points out, the European box art of Tomodachi Life on Nintendo 3DS follows the Japanese version more. It could’ve done without the casual racism though. Just a thought; again, it’s late.


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