4X Game Horizon Gets Needed AI Update And More

Publisher Iceberg Interactive has announced that its 4X title, Horizon, has received a sizable update on PC. It bundles this news with a weeklong deal on Steam that puts up the strategy title at a 33% discount.

Horizon PC steam gameplay screenshots

One of the most required tweaks in this update include better artificial intelligence (AI)during combat. It used to be too straightforward to be left on automatic, but it should now rally and defend better than before. Retrofitting ships has also been handled to be a little less confusing.

Another welcome change is the addition to scan for ships from several sectors away, depending on the tech level. You won’t be chasing ghosts when trying to locate an escaped mission fleet, for instance.

Other changes include a refinement of the user interface. There should now be more tooltips for clarity.

For the old-school strategist, Horizon was already a neat homage to games like Master of Orion. Still, the update could make it a little less irking for everyone else. Hopefully, it also speeds up the game a little, since its pacing is stretched out considerably.


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