More Funstock Deals: FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, The Bureau, Murdered: Soul Suspect

It looks like a fierce weekend for game deals, as retailer Funstock currently has more than just one interesting deal about The Elder Scrolls Online on its digital storefront. We thought you might want to know about some more interesting things you might otherwise miss out on. For instance, it has a big sale on The Bureau: XCOM Declassified that puts it up at €6.06. You can knock off an extra 20% and slash it to just €4.85, by applying the following voucher:


Rest assured, this comes with a Steam key for activation. We know how much you like that sort of stuff. Find The Bureau here.

Funstock Game Deals

While we’re at it, you can also preorder Murdered: Soul Suspect for just €25.48. Moreover, those who purchase in advance can get a small help in the game through an Interactive Digital Strategy Map. It locates side quests and such, so you don’t have to fumble around too much. Find Murdered here.

If you don’t feel like getting the new FIFA World Cup game, because you didn’t get into this year’s title yet, then you can pick up FIFA 14 for just €20.63. Naturally, this comes with an Origin key, since EA doesn’t play nice with Steam. Still, it’s a great deal for this year’s iteration that adds chemistry to its FUT mode. Find FIFA 14 here.

Lastly, maybe you can jump into Battlefield 4, now that it’s a little more stable than it was before. It’s a grand shooter, with destructible environments, huge maps and shiny action. Again, this is an Origin key, but it only sets you back €23.05. Find Battlefield 4 here.

Have yourself a pleasant Easter. Don’t forget to socialize, maybe.


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