Steam Released Over 20 Things Today – Top 3 Games To Buy

As far as release days go, Steam may just have hit the jackpot, as the storefront received a total of 21 new games in one day. That’s without counting those who went up for preorder or those that have launched on Early Access, so it’s actually more than that.

Then again, the term “new” is a considerable stretch, given half a dozen of them are games from somewhere around 1996. Therefore, we thought we might help you out by pointing you directly to the best ones from the bunch. That way, you don’t have to start digging through the muck to get some interesting new games. As a plus, it may bring back one of two titles you may have missed, since front page revolving went at accelerated speeds today.

We’re not going to rag on the ramifications again, on with games to buy!

3. Life Goes On – €7.49 (25% discount)

This is one of the more original games on the market right now. Life Goes On is a side-scrolling puzzle platform game, where the mechanism requires you to die, to open the path for your next hero. For instance, a spike trap may seem impassable, but stack one or two dead heroes on there and the third will hop along just fine. This was also used in the excellent Serious Sam Double D.

Buy Life Goes On here.

2. Villagers and Heroes – Free!

This is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game where just about anything goes. Roleplaying game (RPG) elements are not just put to use for combat, but also crafting, gardening, fishing, bug collecting and so forth. It’s even possible to build your own, functional village. That’s pretty damn elaborate and it’s free.

Get Villagers and Heroes here.

1. Secrets of Raetikon – €8.09 (10% discount)

The most unfortunate of the bunch, as it was pummeled with 18 other subsequent releases. Also far out the most stylish release, mixing a triangular, colorful design to its side-scrolling adventure through mysterious forests. You soar around and try to explore this environment, while it, in turn, reacts to you dynamically.

Buy Secrets of Raetikon here.

Secrets of Raetikon Steam Pc game

Bonus: Frozen Synapse – Free

You may also missed that Frozen Synapse is free to play this weekend. It may not be a new game, but if you didn’t dive into its strange mix of real time and turn-based strategy, you should.

Get Frozen Synapse here.

Frozen Synapse


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