Planetary Annihilation Release Dates Appears For May 23, 2014

Early Access game Planetary Annihilation will launch in retail next month. According to a recent update from Nordic Games’ distribution center, the full release for PC is out on May 23, 2014. This would imply that the game will exit Early Access on Steam by then. That same date is also listed on the game’s page on the Nordic Games website.

Planetary Annihilation release date

Planetary Annihilation is noteworthy in a few ways. It originally funded over $2 million on Kickstarter, after asking for $900,000. It then later dropped on Steam through Early Access with an unprecedented price of $90. This has set a precedent for other titles, such as Galactic Civilizations III, to gouge prices on their development builds, to grant players the privilege of testing their game.

Planetary Annihilation

Previously, Planetary Annihilation dropped a release date to launch “when it’s done.” It looks like that’s about to happen.


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