New Screenshots Of The Witness Reveal Underground Location

A new, mysterious location has sprung up in the latest screenshots for long-awaited indie game The Witness. It shows a glimpse of some underground dwelling, carved from within the stone. This would imply that there is more to The Witness than its previously released content that featured mostly the outdoor locations set on a deserted island.

A path is seen surrounded by a row of small windows. In another shot, there’s a bright object encased into a set of pillars, like some sort of crypt. It’s cryptic, you see; anything about The Witness is supposed to be shrouded in mystery. Well, mission accomplished.

We should be nearing release time for The Witness, which is the next project from Braid creator, Jonathan Blow. Always on the way towards innovation, Blow is trying to make this first-person game into a connected whole with a set of novel features. Previously, The Witness also revealed to work with Oculus Rift and Steam controller support.


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