American Parking Star 3D For 3DS Dated With Gameplay Trailer

Publisher Circle Entertainment has announced that their recent Nintendo 3DS project, Parking Star 3D, will release on May 8, 2014 in North America. No price point has been given out yet, but their releases are usually extremely affordable.

There’s a gameplay trailer that comes with the announcement. It shows some of the finicky, winding moments that can be associated with parking cars. For instance, a segment requires the vehicle to weave through badly parked cars to get to their spot. In another, there are critters to watch out for on the floor.

There are five different locations in Parking Star 3D: Tokyo Tower, Louvre Museum in Paris, Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai and Tienanmen Square and a location in New York. Each section has 8 levels, totaling 40 park jobs.

There are also 4 different vehicles. Each have their own statistics and therefore also a unique driving style.

No word on a European vesion yet, but that might be because Circle Entertainment recently expressed their grievance with the European rating board, stating on Twitter:

PEGI decided to increased rating charge(Digital DL games) after USK, this is one of reasons why we released games to NA eShop first.

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