Mother Russia Bleeds Is A Side-Scrolling Soviet Hotline Miami

Developer Cartel has released a gameplay trailer for Mother Russia Bleeds, a new side-scrolling beat ‘em up in classic brawler style. It bears a striking resemblance to a certain indie game hit.

From the pixel art to the short conversations, tons of blood, jarring imagery and bouts of ultra-violence, this game couldn’t use a Hotline Miami atmosphere more if it tried. Then again, there’s also an emphasis on neon and 80s discotheque music. So, maybe it can plaster it on even thicker.

Mother Russia Bleeds

Still, this side-scrolling take on the gore fest seems pretty entertaining as well. Mother Russia Bleeds will allow up to 4 players to take on this weird Soviet universe of blood and guts. In the clip, the character can be seen performing flying kicks like in Streets of Rage. Weapons can be picked up from the floor as well. Moreover, there seems to be some strange form of injection the protagonist administers on themselves. Meanwhile, everyone just stands around in the background like it’s an everyday occurrence. Seriously, no one even lifts a finger. That’s some cold, apathetic times, right there.


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