Epigenesis Possibly The First Steam Early Access Free Weekend

This may be the first time that an Early Access game is free to play for the weekend on Steam. Recently, Epigenesis added a bunch of content to its weird hybrid of competitive sports and first-person shooters.  Until Sunday, it’s possible to sample this multiplayer battle for free.


Its biggest addition is the arrival of bots. Therefore, if you jump in this weekend, you can relax and practice your jumping and shooting before hopping onto the real thing. You’ll want to do so, because this is a rather fast-paced game.

In Epigenesis, you’re tasked with scoring goals on the opposing side. To do this, you have to grab a ball and lob it in the designated area, across a level with multiple tiers. While in transit, it’s possible to shoot at opponents, to try and push them off platforms.

As an alternate mechanism, scoring points also allows that team to claim a certain platform. If a string of platforms can be claimed from one goal to the other, the game is over. Otherwise, the team with the most points wins.

It’s a pretty interesting design that has already won some prizes. Additionally, downloading the whole thing is a very doable 800Mb of space.

You can grab Epigenesis here.


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