Please Don’t Let Air Control Be On Steam – It’s The Worst

It’s late, both literally and figuratively, but this article about Air Control releasing on Steam needed to be done. So, on goes the recording equipment to show off some different gameplay session than usual. This one sucks.

Air Control was part of one of the many bundles we discuss here. Frequently, we test out a few of these games, before deciding which one gets to be streamed. When we tried Air Control, it was far from finished. That’s a euphemism for saying it was the worst thing we played all year.

Air Control Steam pc gameplay screenshot

For this gameplay video, we downloaded the most recent version, but nothing much has changed. There used to be a Postal-esque section inside the plane, where you slaughter “terrorists” and fall through the floor, but we couldn’t access that anymore. It didn’t work anyway, since models appeared in static form and walls don’t exist in that game, at all, making hit detection a thing of the past.

Air Control

We don’t want to even begin explaining why the centurion helmet or Tommy gun or thousand icons don’t make sense.

What we’re getting at is: Please don’t buy this game. Share this video. We don’t ask you to share a lot of things, but you should probably warn anyone against what Air Control is trying to sell. It’s bad. It’s really bad. No one should give them money, when Steam has thousands of other games you can throw some cash to. Do that instead, you’ll love it.

Stay safe.

Update: Unfortunately, we failed to stop it. You can view a follow-up, where we discuss several copyright violations from Air Control now on Steam.


One thought on “Please Don’t Let Air Control Be On Steam – It’s The Worst

  1. Nice review – but rather than safe, I’d rather stay loose and alert to the possibility that “Air Control” as a phenomenon of and within gaming generally, might arguaby be one of the most important events around.. *semi-mysterious spooky cabin noises*

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