Early Access Game Snow Updates To CryEngine 3.6

Early Access game Snow has an update out that should increase its realism. One of the main features is that the Steam title has moved to CryEngine 3.6 and physics-based rendering.

Additionally, there are blurring effects available for high specs that should increase the sense of speed. Alternatively, those with low-end rigs have been thought of as well, as the minimum configurations have been adjusted. For 64-bit users, there’s now a version of Snow, which should download automatically.

Animations have been adjusted and put into a variation system. Pushing forward is now no longer a manual thing. Though it is automated, you can still repeatedly push to gain an extra speed boost.

Finally, additional items for Founders have been included. They’re dashing.

Snow-free-to-play-steam-gameplay gif

While Snow is technically a free-to-play title, it currently only exists in paying form through Steam. It has an in-game store and all that, it just doesn’t feel like all its features are put into place yet to make the game free, for now.


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