GOG.com Spring Insomnia Sale – 1 Deal, 1 Minute

So, online store GOG.com is currently holding a Spring Insomnia Sale that’s similar to its previous one. Each discounted game is put on one at a time, until its stock is depleted, which is immediately followed by another sale and so on. It’s pretty popular so far.

GOGcom library falout 2 tactics pc game list account

That’s an understatement. In reality, you probably want to keep a tab open at most times for the sale right now, because at any point it could be revolving like a mad man. We’ve been seeing games pass by and end in mere seconds. In fact, that’s the standard so far, even with server issues. There’s a deal here or there that lasts a few minutes, but that’s not really “slow” either, unless you’re at your browser’s disposal all day.


To give you an idea, we’ve recorded a random portion of the sale, so you can see in real time how long it takes. Again, it’s not so long. If you want some games, you better keep your eyes peeled on the site.


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