Democracy 3 Launches Extremism DLC With Classy Trailer

Developer Positech Games, which is usually just Cliff Harris being a loose cannon, has just released Extremism downloadable content (DLC) for political simulation Democracy 3. It does exactly what the name suggests; grasping at extreme measures.

This comes with quite the dramatic trailer, narrated by a politician mulling over these tough decisions.  It cleverly uses the game’s slider system in the clip as well, looking down on fiddling with minor matters. Instead, it goes towards heavy topics like allowing torture, banning same-sex marriages or getting rid of healthcare. With the extremism DLC, just about anything goes, as long as you can make it work in your elaborate system of interconnected topics.

Democracy 3 extremism DLC

If you’re unaware of Positech’s games, they’re pretty much all hardcore simulations, with tough to manage designs. Each decision comes with sizable drawbacks and keeping a head above water is done by meticulously adjusting towards new events. It’s pretty intense for a game about sliders.

You can grab the Extremism DLC for Democracy on most digital portals for $4.99, though Steam scales up to €4.99. Just think of how cool that clip is though. That’s pretty neat, right?


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