One More Time: Top 5 Steam Games In Humble Spring Sale

All good things must end and so even the Humble Spring Sale is running on its last legs. That’s why, for the last 48 hours, it’s throwing out a multitude of deals it has offered in the past two weeks. To help you choose between so many good deals, we’ve picked out the five Steam games we think you’d be most happy with trying out.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

5. Lego Marvel Super Heroes – €4.99

For a while now, the Humble Store has been offering major releases along with its indie selection. Games like Thief and Batman Arkham Origins are currently on sale as well. Lego Marvel Super Heroes is certainly one of the cuddliest. More so, it drops to a generous price. You can expect the known model of simple combat, humorous banter and tons of carefully crafted environments for a family-friendly adventure with tons of unlock potential.

Gone home pc indie game similar comparison

4. Gone Home – €4.99

When Gone Home released for an elevated price of €14.99, some people were displeased with paying so much for what’s essentially a two-hour ride that can only be lived once; twice at the most. Well, this hefty price cut solves that and the story of Gone Home really is unrivaled as an evocative experience. It’s definitely something very few have lived through, so it’s perfect as a new perspective.

Space Hulk

3. Space Hulk – €5.49

In line with “overpriced” releases, this board game adaptation that pits Space Marines against vicious alien Genestealers didn’t impress everyone with its price tag. Regardless, Space Hulk’s design is impeccable, limiting movement immensely and making any mistake fatal, which heightens the claustrophobic factor in the dark corridors of the game. With this discount and the fact the game got some additional content, it’s no longer a gamble; go get killed.

The Novelist

2. The Novelist – €3.99

Unlike a lot of its lauded indie peers, The Novelist sort of flew just under the radar of critical acclaim, despite holding a clever narrative experience. Players embody a ghost that roams around the house of a family of three. By picking up clues and entering people’s minds, it’s possible to discover the complex relationship between the three characters, mixed with a subtle stealth element. At this price, it’s definitely worth the ticket.

Democracy 3

1. Democracy 3 – €7.49

It’s rare for developer Positech Games to dip low early on in its games’ lifespan and for good cause. Like all its releases, Democracy 3 is an intricately woven simulation game with picture perfect design. Each little adjustment needs to be taken carefully to become the best nation possible. Managing a million factors isn’t easy. It’s the game of choice if you want to feel accomplished and this price is a steal for any fan of intelligent games.


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