Chuck E. Cheese’s To Use Oculus Rift In Its Entertainment Centers

So, fast food chain and entertainment center Chuck E. Cheese’s has adopted Oculus Rift technology and is looking to put it into its franchise. Its first foray with the virtual reality device will be called “Virtual Ticket Blaster Experience,” which will be tested first around Dallas and later make its way to San Diego and Orlando.


People who book a birthday party in the six-week test of the Virtual Ticket Blaster Experience will receive a chance to let the Birthday Star put on an Oculus Rift inside a booth. This game works a little like those cash vaults on game shows, where the person inside the booth tries to nab as many tickets as possible. While the game will virtually throw around tickets, which can be seen on a screen outside of the booth as well, the inside will also be filled with props to enhance the sensation of being surrounded. Kids simply need to focus their Oculus Rift on the tickets inside the game to collect as many items as possible.

Chuck E Cheese's

If you want to see the Virtual Ticket Blaster Experience in action, the first Chuck E. Cheese’s to receive one is located at 13364 Montfort Drive in Dallas. Later on, there will be 15 more locations in the Dallas–Fort Worth area, 6 in Orlando and 8 in San Diego.

This test is done in collaboration with Reel FX, an early adopter of the Oculus Rift technology. Dale Carman of Reel FX stated:

We believe that virtual reality eventually will be as popular as our handheld devices.

It’s a game–changer, and we’re investing incredible time and talent into developing content for the Oculus Rift.

Well, damn, it looks like the Oculus Rift really is taking off quickly after that whole Facebook acquisition. All that money and all those connections are paying off, quite literally.


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