Green Man Gaming Releases Goat Simulator Infographic With Silly Stats

Storefront Green Man Gaming has released a neat infographic about Goat Simulator and everyone loves both those things, so it should be mind-blowing when combined. Among the many stats, it also has some promotional news from its Playfire Rewards initiative, because it wouldn’t just do this out of the kindness of its heart. We’ll show you the infographic below.

Some interesting statistics of the image show that every single person on their Playfire list who own Goat Simulator has also played the game. Alternatively, it shows that 22% of games that get both, normally don’t get played, ever. Only 11% have gotten all the achievements in the Steam game, but the average does stand at a respectable 48%, at least. Some madman even played Goat Simulator for 57 hours and 6 minutes.

There’s also a tally of ridiculous feats in the game. For instance, air time totals twelve and a half years, with 211,648.12km travels. In the cheap Flappy Bird clone inside goat Simulator, the best player only managed a score of 42. At least they’ll now know the meaning of life.

Now, here’s that Goat Simulator infographic, with random goat facts:

Goat Simulator Green Man Gaming Infographic


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