All The Cute, Transparent Pushmo/Pullblox World Art You Can Handle

Nintendo has announced a new Pushmo or Pullblox iteration, depending on the region. Pullblox World, as it’s known in Europe, will be available on June 19, 2014. That announcement comes with a ton of concept art. Since we’re nice, we’ve not only compiled all the high resolution images we could, but we also cleaned them up and made everything translucent, because we know you graphics people love it when your game renders are transparent. We just love providing you guys with tons of art for Nintendo games.

There are also some screenshots and even a short tutorial, for you regular aficionados of cute game art. We even have information about the game! In Pullblox World, you’ll control Mallo, who gets tasked with rescuing some cute characters atop 3D constructions. You’ll need to push and pull blocks accordingly to make your construction fit a sort of stairs model that gets you all the way to the top. There will be 250 levels to go through in Pullblox World.

Additionally, the return of the Pullblox Studio will allow the community to easily create and share some custom designs. Pullblox World will also have a Miiverse integration to really nail down that social structure.

Now, here are those art pieces we talked about:

How cute is that tutorial, honestly? It’s the best.


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