Zavvi And Amazon Sales On Bound By Flame, Thief, Dark Souls And Wolfenstein: The New Order

There are just too many game deals going around right now, it’s getting pretty tough to make a choice. Still, the current sales on both Amazon and Zavvi could be for those who can afford more than €5 and change.

Bound By Flame

Take Bound By Flame, for instance. This roleplaying game (RPG) managed to gain a sizable amount of momentum before launch, but then it sort of just disappeared. Well, that means that, while it’s still in its launch month, it’s already knocking a few bucks off the price, if you want to stay relevant. Online retailer Amazon has the PC version up at £22.99, which is about the same price as Zavvi at €28.99, except the latter has free or affordable shipping to a lot more locations. We’d advice the latter, but it’s your call, just because we like you!

Thief 2014 reboot

In the continuation of Thief bombing and bombing hard, the game that just released earlier this year is being dropped on both sites as well. This time, Amazon has a lead with just £10.70 for a copy, while Zavvi has it for €18.99. Still, with shipping included, you may come out cheaper on the latter again, certainly as it has Thief on a double sale special. So, if you combine that with something cool, like Rayman Legends, it comes to €15.5 for each, trumping Amazon.

Wolfenstein the new order

In exclusive deals, Amazon is going hard by offering its PC version of the newly released Wolfenstein: The New Order for just £25. That’s not even a deal, really; it’s just the price it wants for it, which is pretty damn low. You save €20 on the Steam version for a shooter that uses some nifty tech.

Dark Souls II game comparison

In turn, Zavvi allows you to shave off some cash from the one-month old PC version of Dark Souls II, which costs just €33.75. Again, that’s considerably lower than what you’ll find on Steam.

If you weren’t sure about any of these recent titles, maybe these sensible cuts will change your mind. As always, feel free to tell us in the comments if you’re picking something up.


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