Mighty No. 9 Gets Outlet-Head Support Character Named And Colored By Community

Developer Comcept announced another community-voted character for Mighty No. 9, their Mega Man that isn’t quite the Capcom franchise yet totally is. A colorful support character with an outlet head will be named by backers of the title’s Kickstarter project. It can also dispense helpful items from its stomach and it’s able to display messages on its face, like BMO from Adventure Time. Anyway, here are the names that the community can choose:

  1. Res-Po (Short for Rescue Pod)
  2. Plug
  3. Plugin
  4. Patch
  5. Parxel
  6. Rally

Mighty no 9 support character

Additionally, the community was able to send in their color schemes for the character. Here again, it’s the backers who can pick which design they like the most. If yours ins’t chosen, however, there is a consolation prize. In Mighty No. 9, there will be three color schemes in total: a Backer version, a Comcept version and an Inti Creates version.

Personally, we’d go for Res-Po and the third color, but don’t take that as a suggestion, as the whole point is to choose for yourself. Pick the pink version; it’s cool. We’re down with the character design regardless.


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