RPG Maker’s Humble Bundle Weekly Sale Officially “Best Selling” Yet

With almost two days left on the clock, Humble announced that their current Weekly Bundle, featuring RPG Maker and a ton more deals, has shot its way to the biggest weekly offering they’ve had yet. In a tweet posted on their feed, the company states:

RPG Maker has now officially set a record for best selling weekly bundle! Buy it now, tip the scale even more! http://bit.ly/HWRPGMaker

Humble weekly bundle rpg maker

It’s thereby more popular than weekly deals featuring another game development software, Multimedia Fusion 2, but also brand names like Arma’s Bohemia Interactive, Telltale Games or even Sega. In part, the RPG Maker deal was aided by a simultaneous action on Steam that offered the software for free this weekend. You could try it there, then buy it for as little as $1 on the Humble site, though for the amount of content it provides, a larger donation is sensible.

RPG Maker VX Ace

At the time of writing, the Humble Weekly Bundle with RPG Maker has sold over 150,000 units and since it still has some time left, it’s looking to go much higher.  It’s currently just shy of an equal $1.3 in payments with Mac users slightly dominating Linux owners for once, standing at averages of $9.74 to $9.72 respectively.

We told you this was a pretty crazy deal.


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