Magicka: Wizard Wars Quadruples Servers To Welcome Half A Million Players

Publisher Paradox Interactive is still enjoying a rise in popularity for Magicka: Wizard Wars, as the company announced that over half a million users have downloaded the game since the Open Beta started. This game features player versus player combat with a set of mages that can cast spells, depending on the combination of elements they use.

To address this surge in activity, Paradox has added more servers to Magicka: Wizard Wars. On that part, developer John Hargelid mentioned:

We’ve quadrupled server capacity since last week and we’re adding more servers, ironing the creases out of the robes, making sure the Wizard entrails are the right consistency – everything it takes to make sure the game stays a strong entry in the legacy of Magicka.

Magicka Wizard Wars

Through truly extensive support, Paradox Interactive was slowly but certainly able to grow out Magicka from a cult charmer to a large fan base. Its first iteration managed to sell well over a million copies, as well as a lot more downloadable content (DLC). It was featured in a few bundles and went up on sale quite a few times to reach as many people as it could.

Previously, Magicka: Wizard Wars was a part of Early Access on Steam. It has since transitioned to a free-to-play model, lowering the entry considerably for people wanting to slam others.

As a neat factoid, Paradox also tracked how many spells were cast in the first week of the game’s Open Beta. In total, players have racked up 97,704,758 spells in Magicka: Wizard Wars’ debut event. That’s quite a lot, said like that. May many more perish in odd yet comical ways.


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