IndieGameStand Approaches Users With Reviews, Videos, Streams And Huge Sale

Digital platform IndieGameStand has rolled out a big update that welcomes community features and thereby catches up to some of its competitors. Those competitors are Steam, mainly.

IndieGameStand is playing an open hand on this one as well. They want everyone to know exactly how they can create a symbiotic relationship with users, by offering a multitude of options.

Indiegamestand user reviews

First off, the most important part of the update is that it adds the possibility to post user reviews. These will show up on the game page for those who are the most helpful, quite like Steam does. Moreover, it boasts that their inclusion of videos is one of a kind. By pasting the URL in the designated spot for user reviews, you’ll have an embedded clip, complete with ad possibilities, show up along with your article. That’s one step better than Steam, who has a thumbnail instead. For now, IndieGameStand supports YouTube or Vimeo. You do, however, need to own the game you review on their site, obviously.

Where they do have an advantage is that they’re opening their site to Twitch streamers as well. It would link their featured game to live streamers automatically, given content creators exactly put the game name in the title of their broadcast. This should boost views for users considerably. Moreover, IndieGameStand actively engages serious broadcasters to get in touch with them to work out a deal. This is equally true for bloggers of all kinds. They can get in touch for a promotion or sponsorship.

IndieGameStand’s founder, Mike Gnade, commented on the update by stating the following:

Let’s Players are a lot like indie developers, trying to get their content noticed on a very big, very noisy internet. With IndieGameStand’s user reviews, now they can get their videos in front of the ideal audience: potential customers of the games they’re streaming. Let’s Players, developers, gamers — the whole indie community benefits.

Indiegamestand summer sale

It’s amazing to see this sort of transparency from what’s essentially a company after all. As if that wasn’t enough in itself, the storefront also has a massive sale going on. It features over 100 game deals, with a few dozen being on Steam. This includes recent releases like 1849, Project Temporality and Ascendant, all at a 40% discount and in a single price currency model that doesn’t screw over Europeans.

Digital platforms are really getting into gear lately. Growing closer to your community is definitely a way to get noticed. We’re a fan.


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