Watch The Weirdest Animated Street Fighter Tribute You’ll Ever See

Longtime web comic Cyanide & Happiness have put up another short animation video that features some game content for fighter fans. It’s possibly the most twisted version of a Street Fighter tribute you’ve ever seen and plausibly a Top 10 in “Rule 34” land of weird.

In the clip, we witness how a fight at the local pharmacy would look like. It features some known moves from iconic characters, choppy animations, even choppier background elements and crunchy arcade sounds. Still, to be fair, the characters also change what fighters they represent from time. Is that too much continuity nagging? Does that make us nerds? Maybe we’re joking as well.

Cyanide-Happiness-Street-Fighter gif

Ever since the animators discovered the glory of Kickstarter, Cyanide & Happiness was able to fund short animated videos, to go with its usual daily comic strip. Initially asking for $250,000, the company was able to get $770,309 in total. That number enabled Cyanide & Happiness to produce these videos all year round.

When not going for the periodic game reference, Cyanide & Happiness have gotten into some really dark places lately. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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