Explosive Dinosaurs – Full Gameplay Preview

Indie developer RAWR Lab is looking to revive the party mini-game a little and specifically targets Ouya with Explosive Dinosaurs. That would be the platform of choice to do so, though it will also make its way to PC.

Currently, there aren’t any assets available, but the developer kindly passed us their demo ahead of time, which will become available along with its Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday. We’ve run through the whole thing in a gameplay commentary.

On the mini-game aspect, Explosive Dinosaurs is a sound feature with the basis for an entertaining party setting. It does, however, require multiple players for that, so it may want to opt for a multiplayer-only model, as some modes actively punish the singleplayer dynamic.

There’s already a variety of genres available, from memory puzzles to platform sections and action games. Since Explosive Dinosaurs wants to ultimately shovel a ton of mini-games in the full release, there’s bound to be a solid selection of favorites. Difficulty also varies sufficiently, with some matches merely requiring quick reflexes and others demanding a few more complex movements. As games are also randomly generated, a round may differ in tactics. For instance, remembering a certain path in a minefield can either be a hellish maze or a frantic race to go through a straight line.

Explosive Dinosaurs gif

Controls float a tiny bit, but nothing too upsetting or game hindering, at least. Moreover, it makes sure that there’s an instant response time with inputs, which is definitely a must on more fast-paced modes. Its tiny looseness may even be a source of hilarity during unwanted multiplayer shenanigans.

Visuals for Explosive Dinosaurs are simple but slick 2D drawings in colorful cartoon style. In particular, the comic book feel presented in its trailer on the Steam Greenlight page shows off the studio’s artistic prowess, so hopefully the full game will have more of that.

Explosive Dinosaurs pc ouya gameplay screenshots

Explosive Dinosaurs will look at a Kickstarter goal of $20,000 to complete 40 mini-games in total. With more funds, it will be able to put in more features as well. Additionally, outside of the 4-player local multiplayer, the game has an option for an extra fifth person to join in with a tablet. Developer RAWR Lab will also include a kit to make mini-games and build Explosive Dinosaurs in an open source engine. Watch the gameplay footage for more information.

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