Unity Launches Developer Profiles With République’s Camouflaj Team

Development tool creators Unity have started to advertise their product through developer profiles and iOS game République’s Camouflaj team is the first to talk shop. Some of the clip also goes behind the scenes to show the game being made with the engine.

Camouflaj did some research to weigh which tool would fit them the best to make mobile games. After some snooping, the team decided on Unity, because of its flexibility.

République plays out in a totalitarian regime, where the player tries to help a protagonist, Hope, escape a technology-heavy prison complex. It takes cues from literary works like 1984 and such. It’s the first time Camouflaj has tried to work on a mobile game, after the studio was founded by industry veterans who helped create Halo 4 and Metal Gear Solid 4. Moreover, they staff some completely fresh developers and have them work side by side, without fuss.

République Camouflaj unity

Unity’s animation tool, Mecanim, gets a showing in the clip as well. Its ease of use is laid out, displaying the possibility to make models move and have the results show up directly. Further on, the team also praises the efficiency of the engine, which is an industry must to reduce costs.

If you’re quick about it, République is still this week’s Apple Free App of the Week.

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