Daedalic Announces Dark RPG Sequel Blackguards 2

Prolific developer Daedalic Entertainment has made some reveals of its own at E3 2014. For instance, Blackguards 2 is in the works, that only moments after the original has been out.

There’s not a ton of visuals on the game so far, but the idea is pretty much the same as the first iteration. Blackguards 2 is a strategy roleplaying game (RPG), probably bound for PC release, with a dark story line. It will see a few characters reprise their role, while others simply receive some back story.

Blackguards 2

For instance, the dwarf Naurim has given up on adventuring. After defeating the Nine Hordes, the warrior has taken more to partying and getting plump than picking up an axe. Zurbaran, the imprisoned mage at the beginning of the first Blackguards, is truly down on any luck, as he’s been taken into captivity once more and sold off as a slave. Takate now lets humans play gladiator games, as the former slave was once forced to do. These are the remaining characters that will eventually meet up with protagonist Cassia in Blackguards 2.

There will be a few improvements to the game’s turn-based combat design, based on player suggestions. New elements include line of sight improvements, cover and formations.

With Blackguards, Daedalic stepped away from its known model of breezy point and click adventures for an RPG that chose an entirely new theme as well, based on lore from The Dark Eye. It seems to have been received well enough for the company to keep going on that momentum.

Blackguards 2 is currently planned for early 2015.

In other news, Daedalic also announced a new adventure, called The Devil’s Men.


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