Daedalic Announces New Point And Click Adventure The Devil’s Men

Seeing E3 2014 is quite the large event, developer Daedalic Entertainment has multiple announcements. One more on the list is the reveal of The Devil’s Men, a new point and click adventure, much in the style of the company’s prior work.

The Devil's Men

It will be set in 19th century England and take a steampunk style. As with most of the developer’s work, The Devil’s Men is set on highly illustrated environment backgrounds, with more animated cartoon characters in the forefront. For a story, The Devil’s Men will use a detective theme with two women protagonists that will try to solve a series of mysterious murders. Ubisoft must be in awe at being able to use not just one but two women as characters. That’s a little E3 joke we cooked up in there.

Puzzles in The Devil’s Men will have multiple solutions, which may alter the shape of the story. It is currently planned for release in spring of 2015 and it has Kevin Mentz credited, who previously also worked on Memoria. Here’s one precious screenshot to get your motor going for some more fancy adventure time.

The Devil's Men

In related news, Daedalic also announced the sequel Blackguards 2, which will also come out in 2015.


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