Daedalic Shows Off .Gif Animations For Non-Verbal Game ‘Fire’

There is no stopping developer Daedalic Entertainment with its E3 2014 announcements. In the third reveal this week, it showed off some animations for Fire, another of its point and click adventures.

Fire will star a cave person called Ungh. It’s a halting throat sound, because that’s how we envision people communicated back then, get it? Anyway, Ungh is exactly as versed as the name makes it sound and so, Fire has no verbal narrative. Everything is done with expression and that’s why Daedalic opted for its reveal to show some animated motions. It’ll give a better idea on how communication is done in the game. It’s sort of like Machinarium, where a little robot person views the world through speech bubbles.

Fire is currently headed for release on PC at the end of the year.

Daedalic also revealed Blackguards 2 and The Devil’s Men this year. Busy times are ahead for the developer.


One thought on “Daedalic Shows Off .Gif Animations For Non-Verbal Game ‘Fire’

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