No Posts – Time To Panic

What’s that? No post in a week? Yes, no posts, sorry. What happened? Life. It gets like that sometimes.

Is it going to improve? Not likely, for now, since the schedule is still packed with games and we still uphold the policy to bring more unique news. The occasional general news item, thrown before the curve, is alright, but we try to keep it real. It’s a thing. This isn’t a hateful thing. We still love it over here. It’s just that there’s so much shouting into the void of the internet that sometimes adding anything to that seems futile. If you really want to get mad at something, I personally recently wrote about the Dark Souls II DLC and how it’s kind of a bad thing.

Maybe we’ll find you something today. Otherwise, feel free to panic.

Wildstar online pc mmo rpg game gif

Oh, the Steam Summer Sale is about to go down too, so get ready for that. We might chime in with our Steam opinions on that too, since we usually do that. We have a lot of Steam opinions.


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