2 Easy Tools That Massively Improve Your Steam Summer Sale Experience

So, the Steam Summer Sale is here now and, frankly, we’re not too impressed just yet. As always, the better deals are the indie titles that are hidden behind the less interesting, money-siphoning front page. Ask us about them, we’ll direct you to some cool games.

Steam Summer Sale

If you want to go the DIY path though, we can definitely help on that end as well. Trudging through the weird interface of Steam is a nightmare, but there are tools that can help. We’ll list you just two easy things you can use that will make your experience a lot more pleasing.

1. Enhanced Steam

This is Steam like it should be, with all the glorious statistics, referential information and additional tweaks it should have pop up when you’re in the store. It does so, so many more things that you’ll think of “vanilla” Steam as a joke from now on.

You can look up how much money you really spent on Steam. It gives you downloadable content (DLC) info whenever you look at games. It shows you what games you own, without having to check the page. It calculates what you really save on bundle purchases. It points out DRM. It has Metacritic User Scores. Ok, that last one isn’t super helpful, but it’s there, along with two dozen other features!

It’s easily put into your browser as an extension, so no need to do anything fancy. Just download it and be merry.

Enhanced Steam

2. SteamDB

Here’s another storefront enhancer. SteamDB is a site that condenses all the info you need about a game into a manageable list, so you can keep a clean overview without any frills. Certainly during big sales like these, it will help you filter through all the crap to find the biggest discounts and how long they’re running.

Its search function also allows you to do additional filtering, so you can look up what games have Steam Trading Cards, see if any new releases have gotten a cut, see if titles have Steam Workshop or even cross-platform multiplayer options.

No more clicking endlessly through the Steam interface. Simply visit SteamDB and you’ll forget all about the normal store.

SteamDB site

And hey, while we’re improving your general Steam experience, don’t forget about TikiOne cleaner that gets rid of DirectX redistributable packages clogging up your system. It routinely saves disks multiple GB of space, which is ideal if you have an SDD but are hurting for some room.

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