One Image Shows Not All Steam Summer Sale Community Choices Are Great

There’s a new element in the Steam Summer Sale and it isn’t the preposterous team-building thing, which took no time flat to get rigged. No, community choices have now been extended as well, but they’re not equally great.

In the current run, Steam users get the choice of one bracket consisting nearly of already featured titles, while the other has some lesser known gems in there. We’re not telling you to vote on the little games, but it is the best bet to get more discount, not just the same ones.

Anyway, one of those deals, Pac-Man Museum, is stated to receive a generous 80% discount. That is, indeed, quite generous and it would bring it on par with Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, which is currently the only Bandai Namco games with such a steep drop. For Pac-Man Museum, however, the drop isn’t so big. Here’s one picture that explains it all.

Pac Man Museum Steam Summer Sale

This featured sale would drop the price a whole 5% more. Think of what you’ll save! Now, to be fair, it is a welcome discount, as all reductions are, but let’s not sell it like it’s something more than it is: It’s a way for Bandai Namco to get the game to make it to the front page for added attention, at the next best possible price it can offer it. Additionally, should the deal die down and people missed out on it, that 5% step suddenly seems less of a waste to cave in and buy it after the fact. Marketing; it’s not always solely in favor of the consumer, believe it or not.

People generally hated Pac-Man Museum, due to it feeling a bit incomplete. We advise buying it anyway. It has Pac-Mania. Our nostalgia levels are through the roof.

Don’t forget to pick up these 2 easy tools to survive the Steam sale. Best of luck!


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