Ballpoint Universe Artist Teases New Game “Diluvion”

Here’s something to look forward to, after the titillation of the Steam Summer Sale has worn out: Leo Dasso, artist behind Ballpoint Universe, sent over a small teaser for a new project, named Diluvion. It’s defined in the dictionary as: “The gradual washing away of soil along a watercourse.” We weren’t aware of the term. Perhaps more importantly, we also received a short cryptic description for the game, which goes as follows:

In the uncounted centuries since the flood, humanity has been driven into the oceans as a layer of ice freezes over the world.  Now, trapped by the ice in the oceans, civilizations rise and new kingdoms form.  Explore the depths, and discover the stories they have to tell.

Diluvion PC game Lionfish crew concept art

Along with the short blurb, we also received one small piece of concept art. It’s titled as “Lionfish Crew” and has several members no a ship, whilst another passes in the background, along with some schools of fish. It looks like quite the advancement in tone from Ballpoint Universe, which had its elaborate environments made entirely from doodles.

This is just a small taste of the game. Dasso mentioned that more will be released about Diluvion on Tuesday, July 1st, 11 am PST on It will contain some footage, screenshots, art and a yet to be revealed secret. You can also find some teasing material on the artist’s Tumblr.

Diluvion pc game ship gif

According to what we received, Diluvion has been under production for six months. If it’s anything like Ballpoint Universe, at least it’s certain that it will have a creative world. We’re totally down for this one, so bring it!


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