Giveaway: Awesome Level Up Wear Titanfall Shirts And Beanie

There might not be a Steam Summer Sale anymore, but the season of giving isn’t over quite yet. We’ve just received some surprise goodies for you Titanfall fans.

Remember those awesome shirts and merchandise from Level Up Wear we posted? Well, we’ve gotten a few of those in, which means we’ll be sending some out to our European fans. We might include the US too, but no promises, because shipping costs are out of our hands. We’ll definitely include you if possible though. Since this is a Belgian thing though, Belgian fans of our site will be favored. Hell, if you make it to Leuven, we’ll just hand you the goods today. We might even buy you a coffee for coming out, if that’s your thing. It’s totally not weird, right?

Anyway, we’ve got that super sweet Titan shirt to give away, as well as a faction one. On top of that, there’s a stylish beanie with imprint to get you ready for the winter. From what we’ve observed and felt, the shirts are pretty robust quality and prints seem put on quite well. There’s no tearing or fraying to be seen anywhere. They are premium goods, after all.

We didn’t wear them, because that would be unsanitary, but we did take some angle shots for a closer look. Both shirts are M/Medium size:

How to Win:

Step 1: Like this post and leave a comment below, describing your favorite Titanfall moment and what country you’re from.

That’s it. You’ll need to leave a valid mail address to contact you, should that need to be said.

Additional chance: Retweet the following message: Win some cool premium Titanfall shirts and merch on

If you retweet, you’ll need to leave your Twitter name in the comment as well. A retweet alone does not count as a winning entry. As always, we reserve the right to scratch any superfluous entries. Possible winners will be contacted next week Monday to determine their exact location and the possibility of shipping, if necessary.

If you need inspiration on comments, we’ve discussed Titanfall with .gifs in these epic moments and these tips to boost your score.

In the eventuality of this thing being a bust, I’ll figure out something else. We’re kind of winging it at the moment, so be a doll and help out any way you can by spreading the word. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “Giveaway: Awesome Level Up Wear Titanfall Shirts And Beanie

  1. I love that they finally made achievements for the new maps ❤ ❤ I was upset at first when i bought the season pass that there were none That was a favorite moment I also enjoy playing the Hardpoint gametype more than other Thanks for the chance to win The shirts look awesome ❤ ❤ Tweeted @Nikibaby219

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