Here’s A Video About Some Shady Game PR Nonsense

Games media is weird. We could’ve opened with a less obvious statement, but sometimes it bears repeating. Anyway, one of the quirks in this gung-ho armchair journalism writing deal is that you sign up to get a lot of mails. Then, you get a lot of mails. It’s so beautifully simple and annoying at the same time.

Doing that writing, reading, write more thing long enough will suddenly see you get even more mails than you remember signing up for. Some companies straight up nab contact information from somewhere and send you stuff, without you really asking. And let’s be honest here: In the majority of cases, this is heaven-sent, opening new doors and offering new perspectives. You want new perspectives, always. Thanks for that, kind strangers.

Pr nonsense

Fact: All stock photo material is terrible garbage.

At least once every few days though, a mail shows up that isn’t exactly a looker. Usually, it’s a giant wall of text with way too much “critically acclaimed, award-winning innovative experience with millions of users” fluff in it. We get it, it’s good. There will probably also be a link or seven in there for good measure, no structure to it whatsoever and no easily obtainable assets like a simple screenshot to illustrate all this wondrous product they’re jabbering about. There are fond memories of a Kickstarter promo that didn’t, in fact, put in the link to the campaign, because it was yammering about a dozen other things.

These mails usually just go straight to the trash, because getting through them takes up a ton of time to discern what they’re actually about and it probably ends up being something bogus anyway. Again: Some of it is brilliant. For instance, the legal document pertaining EA’s insidious yearly release schemes came from such a mail. That’s not the rule of thumb for that sort of PR nonsense though.

So, today we’ll be looking at one of these things we received from out of nowhere, because it’s therapeutic to just laugh it off sometimes. In the video above, we get a mail from someone that wants to promote a totally legit web service. We test that theory. It’s pretty clear what’s going to follow after that.

To close off with a fun fact: Since the clip was made, some weird insomniac writing night ago, we received at least four more mails assuring us about how legit it is. It’s good we can establish that several times over.

game pr nonsense

Seriously, come on.

We suppose you want a link to the thing too? Very well:


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