Gamefly Indie-Pendence Sale Packs Puns With Big Discounts

Everyone loves a good pun and in some cases, this drive sales. In the case of Gamefly, known for some pretty cool sales, it’s an excuse to have an Indie-pendence sale on over 100 games. They’re all indie games, in case that wasn’t clear, with a majority giving out Steam keys.

We’re not going to list all the games, because that would be madness. Most of the usual suspects are in there though and there’s a good chance a game you’re looking for is discounted. Kerbal Space Program, Goat Simulator, The Banner Saga, Luftrausers; it’s a long list, really. Feel free to pick up any of those.

Gamefly Indiependence day sale

If you value our opinion though, we will make you some suggestions. For instance, the sale makes some deep cuts for games recently released on Steam. Most notably, the colorful Mania-like racer Jet Car Stunts is already dropping more than half its price. Same goes for The Last Door: Collector’s Edition, if you’re more into point and click stuff, but also want to be creeped out by pixels.

Chopy Chomp Chomp

Chopy Chomp Chomp. It’s so fun.

Our game of choice, however, would be Chompy Chomp Chomp. We fell in love with this Pac-Man like chase of cat and mouse while playing random games for Steam Trading Cards during last week’s sale. It’s just a colorful, entertaining arcade romp, which is getting overlooked right now.

Oh, in case you don’t own it yet, also buy Serious Sam Double D, since it’s up for less than a buck. It’s a gory platform shooter with some pretty clever gameplay design. We like it a lot.

As always, you can shave off 20% more off the discount price by applying a voucher, which is as follows:


Also as always, you may need to leave out the “UK” part, depending on what region you’re from.

Find the Gamefly Indie-pendence sale here.


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