MouseCraft Shows .Gif With Full Development Process From 2D To 3D

It’s been a hectic ride for developer Crunching Koalas and their game MouseCraft. After some initial buildup on their own terms, the game was able to successfully ride the Steam Greenlight train onto Early Access and it will debut its full release on July 8, 2014. It’s even a part of the Playstation indie plan, which will see the puzzle title make it to PS3, PS Vita and PS4.

Mousecraft development process

Still, the smooth merger of Tetris and Lemmings wasn’t always as visually stimulating as it is now. In a recent reddit post, Crunching Koalas decided to show off what the development process has gone through. It’s quite the transition. Originally, the game was full-on 2D, instead of a side-scrolling design it is now, which uses 3D models. After iterating a few times, MouseCraft decided to change to 3D and add a lot more background element. They’re not paramount to the gameplay design, but it has helped to make the title stand out. There’s a giant leap in between the early beginnings and what it is now, but thanks to having a solid idea what it wanted to do with the game, it was able to frame the mold over and over.

In case you’re currently making a game, MouseCraft should show you that it’s never too late to do a drastic redesign, as long as you’ve got that foundation properly set up. It might make all the difference.

We played MouseCraft back in August of last year. That’s prior to this whole élan it had going. Allow us to bask in that indie cred for a bit. Hmmm, yes.


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