Sad Day: Bundle In A Box Shutting Down

Sad news today, as Bundle in a Box has announced that it will be shutting down its service entirely. Everything will come down on August 8, 2014.

All existing game codes and downloads from purchased bundles should be acquired by then, as it won’t be accessible anymore after that. In a blog post, curators Kyttaro Games stated:

It was becoming more than obvious that the survival chances of a purely indie attempt that didn’t happen every other day simply weren’t there.

bundle in a box ordinary gamer

Financial issues were also addressed as a reason for stopping the effort. Bundle in a Box approached bundles from a rather different perspective than its peers, which eventually grew into more budding packages than full indie work. A bundle would sprout once every few months and list a series of games usually centered heavily on gameplay design over aesthetics. For instance, we discussed some in our previous bundle gameplay commentaries. Games like Creeper World made the cut, despite being made of lines and squares. Those games are even on Steam nowadays.

Its last deal, the Ordinary Gamer Bundle, sold just shy over a thousand units for games like One Finger Death Punch; Rooks Keep and Slender 5 Pages, for a minimum of $0.99. That’s a pretty big contrast compared to sites like Indie Royale or Indie Gala. Even in the sale business, there’s a ton of competition these days.


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