Heavy Bullets Shows Why It’s Important To Fully Explore Every Corner Of A Game

A small portion of the world is affected by stereoblindness. It’s the inability to see 3D or have a solid idea of depth perception. From experience, it’s kind of hard to explain in an illustrative manner. People tend to think that being stereoblind makes the world look like a flat sheet of paper, instead of just obscuring the exact depth an object is located. Though, to be honest, living in a Paper Mario world would sound awesome. Moving on.

Heavy Bullets is a game on Early Access that shows that looking from every perspective angle is important. Even if it may not appear as deep at first glance, there may actually be more space in those single-colored walls. It mimics the depth illusion comparable to being stereoblind quite well. It’s been a while since we did a little visual story, so we thought it’d be time for a new one. Here’s an image of an ordinary alley with a dead end.

Heavy Bullets

At first, it appears like nothing important is going on. There’s a rock at the end of the hall, then a wall. But moving in closer reveals there may actually be more space behind the rock. Moreover, that space may hide an additional goodie.

Heavy Bullets

Going in further still reveals the prize of exploration. Always check each and every corner to the fullest in the game.

Heavy Bullets

Heavy Bullets even manages to connect this thought back to Dark Souls, where exploration is also a vital necessity. Get everything in the game or death will be swift, but also quite inevitable. Heavy Bullets has been dubbed “Neon Dark Souls” over here, also because it’s quite the unforgiving game.

Heavy Bullets Dark Souls

It’s pretty fun so far though and it’s neon. Did we mention that the game is neon? Anyway, you can watch us play a little of it in this gameplay commentary below.


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