Go Conquer The Mount & Blade: Warband Free Steam Weekend

There’s always something good on Steam, but this free weekend may be one of the better ones, according to preference. From now until Sunday, it’s possible to play Mount & Blade: Warband free of charge. It will eat time like candy, so get in early.

Luckily, a download will only take a respectable 900Mb, for a game with a rather large scope. It only skimps on some visuals, but it is an indie series at heart and this is a prime example of where gameplay reigns. We suggest turning on some HDR options in-game to improve the overall look quite a bit. It gives off a nice, warm atmosphere.

Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount & Blade: Warband is often considered the best iteration of the franchise and highly regarded as a cult hit. It centers on the 4X aspect of building out an empire from a humble beginning during olden times. Players start as just a lone hero and amass an army of followers as time progresses. Once glory is high enough, it’s possible to take on entire towns and level pretty much anything. Those who enjoy Sid Meier’s Pirates! in particular will see the resemblance.

Another trait Mount & Blade: Warband has going for itself is that combat can get quite involved. Not only are battles between hundreds of characters played out in real time, through reinforcement designs, even striking is done manually. To attack in a certain way, players need to position themselves properly to strike overhead or from the side, for instance. Aside from melee combat, there is also an archery section, which can also be done on horseback.

During the free Steam weekend, Mount & Blade: Warband will be 75% off. That includes the Napoleonic Wars downloadable content (DLC), another fan favorite.

You can go download Mount & Blade: Warband for free here.


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