So, This Latest Super Smash Bros Fighter Artwork Is Amazing

Nintendo announced a few new fighters for Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. Joining the roster, we’ll get Captain Falcon’s return, as well as Lucina and Robin. For the latter, there are alternate versions for both male and female form. We received a bunch of screenshots, as always, which we’ll put below, as always, but we wanted to separate just one odd addition.

Also per usual, we received this with some artwork, which comes with static poses. There is, however, an illustration that came with it, which is so awesome, Nintendo packed it with a separate attachment. Its reveal needs to be amended as being an illustration by Yusuke Kozaki. We’ll happily oblige, because it’s just packed with awesomeness. Just look at it.

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Wii U 3DS artwork Yusuke Kozaki

There is a lot of action in that. While there are several showstoppers in this packed picture, our favorite might be Luigi’s wide-eyed astonishment. There are prominent places for the new fighter reveals as well.

Now then, we’ll give you those Super Smash Bros screenshots and artworks. There are some doozies in there too.


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