Square Enix Ends Deal With Free Shooter Heroes & Generals Developer Reto-Moto

Last week, Heroes & Generals made its way to Steam on its Early Access program, after an already lengthy development period for the first-person shooter set in World War II. Yet, despite that publisher Square Enix had taken the game under its wing in 2012, the Steam page doesn’t reflect the partnership.

We got in touch with Martin Pollas of developer Reto-Moto, who confirmed that the partnership has ended, stating:

Reto-Moto and Square Enix parted ways earlier this year – just before Easter – which is why Reto-Moto is currently self-publishing.

Given this would put the risks of development solely on Reto-Moto, we asked how the change would affect the game and the company. Pollas couldn’t elaborate, but did state with the following comment that the developer is planning to return to a publishing model or new venture for the shooter:

I do not have too many details on that, but we had some time to explore new opportunities and we are currently looking for possible partnerships on Heroes & Generals.

Heroes & Generals

Developer Reto-Moto consists of old Square Enix acquaintances. The studio was founded by members of IO Interactive, who worked on Hitman and Freedom Fighters, before the studio was sold to Square subsidiary Eidos. Heroes & Generals was featured on the publisher’s Core Online service for quite some time, until the free-to-play portal was shuttered quietly. It seems that Square Enix is the stealthy closer.

Heroes & Generals is an online multiplayer game that has two distinct roles; the ones in the title. On one end, players fight in a traditional first-person view on elaborate maps. Locations can vary from woods to larger town environments with multiple war-torn buildings.

Another game mode consists of overlooking a huge map of contested points, sending in units of varying classes to help out in the ongoing struggle. Reinforcements like extra infantry and armor can be purchased through the free-to-play game’s currency model.

Launching on Early Access hasn’t started off too smoothly. This week, Heroes & Generals servers were taken down for an extended period of time. In response, veteran memberships were extended by 2 days. We were finally able to get in as well and played a quick round to show off some of the shooting features in the game. You can watch the gameplay commentary below:


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