Ace Combat Assault Horizon Is Free On Steam This Weekend

One of the most spectacle-driven flight games ever, Ace Combat Assault Horizon, is free to play this weekend on Steam. Additionally, the weekend deal marks down the action title by 75%, making it just $4.99 to pick up.

ace combat assault horizon

Condescendingly dubbed the Call of Duty of its franchise, Ace Combat Assault Horizon is for those who want to take a ride on a rollercoaster without thinking too much whether the whole thing makes sense. Explosions, angry faces, more explosions and angry faces; it’s a machismo kill fest. At least this comes with an array of different extravagant vehicle choices to perform some carnage in.

Additionally, Ace Combat Assault Horizon on Steam is the Enhanced Edition. This has 60fps, new maps and 8 more aircrafts than its console version. Also, it’s free, so aside from losing a chunk of download space, you’re not really missing out on any opportunities.

You can play Ace Combat Assault Horizon for free here.

Holy smokes, there’s a double whammy this weekend. Along with this deal, Steam also is hosting a free weekend for Early Access game Dead Island: Epidemic. It’s pretty fun as well, so check it out!


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