Damn, Steam Has A Free Weekend For Four Games Now!

Well, it looks like Steam is on a mission to kill everyone’s weekend. It now has four games up for free this weekend, with the addition of Jagex games Ace of Spades and Carnage Racing. These titles will also receive an 80% and 75% discount respectively.

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spaces isn’t exactly our favorite shooter, but for a weekend of blocky blasting, you should be good. It has block building elements to put up impromptu camping spots. Additionally, there are several classes, each with their own strengths, though some more strengthened than others. Here’s a free tip: The long range game always wins, always. You can find Ace of Spades here.

Carnage Racing

Carnage Racing is quite what the title makes it out to be: Vehicular combat with a few cars and missiles involved.  Here as well, you’ll have access to multiple rides that can also be customized. Aside from weaponry, the game also has veritable warp holes that transport the race to an entirely new place. You can find Carnage Racing here.

Previously, we told you about Ace Combat Assault Horizon, which put up its action-heavy flight game for free this weekend. Moreover, Early Access title Dead Island: Epidemic is completely free this weekend as well and the whole Dead Island franchise is on sale.

We hope you weren’t planning on getting any work done.


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