Dead Island: Epidemic Makes Its Steam Early Access Game Free This Weekend

While Dead Island: Epidemic is still on Steam’s Early Access program, the multiplayer game will be free to play this weekend. Additionally, the entire Dead Island franchise will be up for sale at varying discounts.

Dead Island: Epidemic

 If you’re coming from past Dead Island releases, then Dead Island: Epidemic might be a little strange. Unlike its first-person shooter peers, this title is an isometric brawler, almost Diablo-like, but in the Torchlight tones. Additionally, the game’s aesthetics are a lot more cartoony and illustrated, instead of going for realism.

Players bond together on a small selection of maps. Together, they run a gauntlet of different trials that seems them setting up checkpoints, fighting off waves of zombies and tackling big creatures known from the series, such as a Ram or a floater. Each match yields experience for that character, as well as some scraps that can be fashioned into new equipment, following the workbench system of the previous games.

Dead Island: Epidemic is only the second game in Early Access that goes up for free in a Steam weekend deal. This pattern was started earlier this year by Epigenesis. That turned out to be quite entertaining, so hopefully, this one will tickle your palate as well.

Also, as a side-note, while Dead Island: Epidemic is an Early Access game, it’s the most technically functional of them all, since the others turned out to be riddled with bugs. There are a few connection issues here or there, but the maps themselves have no weird glitches whatsoever and controls are swift and smooth. Once you get over the different scope, you’re bound to have some fun with it.

You can play the Early Access version of Dead Island: Epidemic for free here.

This isn’t the only deal either. Don’t forget Steam also made Ace Combat Assault Horizon free this weekend as well. You’re getting spoiled!


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