So Cute: Transparent Fantasy Life 3DS Character And Concept Art, Also Box Art

There just might be a bit too little buzz around Fantasy Life on Nintendo 3DS. It releases on September 26, 2014 in Europe and is made by the hands of developer Level-5. Usually, that spells quite the success, but it’s been quiet around this simulation title.

Fantasy Life takes place in the world of Reveria. There, players can take up of one in 12 life classes, such as an alchemist, knight, tailor or miner. Depending on who they choose to be, they’ll witness the towns and their populace in a different way. Since it’s possible to switch between professions, this shapes the adventure in a unique way. Naturally, each class has their own themed set of abilities.

Fantasy Life 3DS box art

Along with the box art for Europe, shown above, Nintendo also sent through the usual batch of concept art and other neat illustrations we enjoy putting up for you. Like previous time, we tried to work out as many transparent Fantasy Life character renders as we could, because we care about the graphic artists among you who visit here. Be sure to check it all out below.

Fantasy Life was brought to 3DS in Japan in the holiday season of 2012. North America will receive the game on October 24, 2014. It’s not often Europe, but also Australia, get the localized versions first. We particularly enjoy Level-5’s genuine art style.

Now, here’s that artwork we talked about.


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