Roguelands: A 2D Mix Of DayZ And Fallout? Yes, Please

While developer Smash Games has only recently completed its release for Magicite, a side-scrolling platform roguelike on PC, there’s already something new on the way. Roguelands, as this Unity-built project is called, is a 2D, side-scrolling survival game said to be influenced by DayZ and Fallout.

This title will feature various creatures in multiple locations, but players will also be able to attack each other. Of course, looting and scavenging is part of the plan as well. Experience gained attributes to character progression, such as increasing talents in lockpicking, medicine and so on. Permanent death is once more the outlook of this title, as it was for Magicite.

Roguelands just started development recently, but a lot of interesting information about the game popped up in a recent reddit thread. We do like getting info from reddit. For instance, the side-scrolling map will be procedurally generated and feature both underground and above ground exploration. Buildings could be the source of vertical play.

Ideally, the map will wrap around, since movement is fixed in a 2D plain. It would take about 10 minutes to loop by walking around. Up to 20 players would be able to participate in multiplayer at one time, though a singleplayer version of Roguelands is also planned.

There will also be vehicles in Roguelands. Trucks can seat three people in the back, plus one driver. Helicopters, bikes and tanks are all planned, though some may be rarer than others.

Here are a few .gifs of Roguelands to keep you entertained.

Roguelands Dayz pc survival gameplay gif

Roguelands Dayz pc survival gameplay gif


Roguelands Dayz pc survival gameplay gif


Roguelands Dayz pc survival gameplay gif

Night time.


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