Quick Tip: Get the Cheapest Secret Ponchos Discount For Europe

Secret Ponchos has released an update for its Early Access build on Steam that adds a new character, named the Matador. Despite this being an isometric shooter, the latest playable option doesn’t actually have a gun. No, it’s not the Mariachi, that’s another thing. A Matador fights with a cape and the horrible ones also have a sword. So does this one, but it’s to kill people, not dewy-eyed animals.

Anyway, this big push also comes with new content and that’s remarkable enough to put Secret Ponchos up for a little sale. It’s down 40% and even comes with an extra copy. As sometimes happens though, the $14.99 getting sliced isn’t the discount Europeans receive. Usually, this means that Secret Ponchos is best bought on the Humble Store, but even they favor regional pricing. Don’t fret; there’s a solution! It’s not even a shady one, like creating a misleading address.

Secret Ponchos

You’ll need to go to the Secret Ponchos site to support the developers through the Humble widget, since it usually sticks to the normal model. So, even if you’re from Europe, you need to put down $8.99 and not €8.99, saving yourself a shiny 2 Euro coin. That’s an, admittedly cheap, additional game right there.

Secret Ponchos

And yes, that does include an additional copy to gift to someone, since this is a multiplayer title. There are new modes in the update as well, so plenty of Secret Ponchos to enjoy.

Secret Ponchos

We’re always looking for the best of deals for you. Well, Secret Ponchos is perhaps just as good for the price it is now, certainly with the additional Steam key, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try to get it even better.


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